The Truth About Smoking

If you want a fun and exciting story regarding how I first started smoking, you may want to not expect to much. I wish I had a Stand By Me moment where I smoked a cigarette with my best friends on a warm summer evening as part of some blood oath where we would remain friends forever. To be honest, my first cigarette was outside a friend’s house when I was 15. My friend, who was 17, smoked a bit and I wanted to try one so I did. It wasn't like I suddenly became a two-pack a day smoker just off of that one cigarette, I actually didn't fully pick up the habit until college when I started smoking to combat stress. While I may have looked cool with a cigarette in my hand, I was really only doing it because I had a dozen papers to write during the weekend and I needed something to mellow me out. I never did drugs, just smoked when I was stressed. Not a good excuse, but if you think about it, cigarettes do help with stress, and when you are in college, stress is always there.

Hello, dirty habit

From the time that I picked up the habit, the amount I smoked ebbed and flowed for years. I never really smoked more than a pack and a half a day (at my worse), and some days I could get away with smoking as little as two or three cigarettes. For me, smoking was never something that I did for social gatherings or because I thought it looked cool, I did it to combat stress. In a sense, being a stress smoker is worse than any other type of smoker because, unlike those who simply smoke when they drink or eat fried foods, you are always stressed, with work and such. Strangely, I was able to control the smoking addiction in times where I was on vacation or not working as heavily, though when that stress started up again I was outside smoking cigarettes.

The quit game

Every couple of months I try to quit smoking. Sometimes I am serious about it, sometimes it is just a passing fancy. Sometimes I last a couple of weeks, while other times it last a couple of days before I peter out. With all of the info that I have read, those who smoke cigarettes due to stress tend to have the hardest time quitting because the addiction runs deeper than just a need for nicotine. While other people eat when they are stressed, I smoke. If I look back at How I started smoking, I find it almost interesting that, while I could put it away back then, today I simply can't. Before I sound like a tragic addiction case, I would like to note that I don't believe I have been serious enough on the quitting front. When I am ready, I plan to really put my full brunt of effort into it, with patches, gums and everything else on the market. When that time comes, I'll know, in my heart, that I need to do it.