Can Ecigs Really Help a Person Quit Smoking?

Despite its various health risks, many of them potentially life-threatening, numerous people all over the world smoke on a daily basis. Many people start out by attempting to imitate others or even trying to appear to be “cool”, but nicotine is quite addictive and can cause a person to crave it constantly, especially in stressful situations. That’s what happened when I started smoking a few years ago. I had recently lost a great deal of weight after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, when I lost my job. Prior to weight loss surgery, I would overeat as a way to relieve my anxiety, but since my body could no longer physically accommodate large amounts of food, I began to smoke as a substitute. However, when the smoking started to aggravate my asthma, I knew I had to quit.

Going Cold Turkey

I attempted to stop cold-turkey, but that definitely didn’t work. I couldn’t go any longer than 6-8 hours without feeling as if I was going to go insane. When a co-worker gave me an e-cigarette to try one day, I believed that I could possibly use electronic cigarettes to help me stop smoking. I started to “smoke” an ecig whenever I craved a regular cigarette, and if it failed to relieve my craving, I would smoke a regular one. After a while, the e-cigarettes started to satisfy my cravings more and more, and in the process my asthma actually improved. I did do my research on electronic cigarettes before & the Ecita website in particular is good stuff, as well as UKVapers- a very friendly crew of vapers in the UK.

Hmmmmm – not going so great

After a few months of replacing regular cigarettes with electronic cigarettes, it seems like I suddenly began to backslide, as smoking an Ecig was no longer satisfying my cravings. I began to increase my use of regular cigarettes, since vaping was no longer satisfying, and my asthma returned with a vengeance. I became really curious, as I wondered why the e-cigarettes were no longer satisfying my nicotine craving, but what I learned while conducting my research wasn’t what I expected. I learned that although many e-cigarette manufacturers claim that the e-liquid that their products contain is a great deal healthier than the smoke of traditional cigarettes, as they supposedly contain only varying amounts of nicotine and a few other “harmless” ingredients. What I discovered is that certain electronic cigarettes were tested and that they actually contain various toxins that these manufacturers claimed their products didn’t. This was a total shock and made me stop using Ecigs cold-turkey, which wasn’t a good idea for my asthma. I was just so disgusted with what I discovered that I didn’t want to use them any longer. Since my asthma has worsened again, I would like to try them again in the future, though.

My conclusion

What did I learn from my experience? Well, despite the fact that e-cigarette manufacturers have failed to disclose all of the potentially harmful ingredients that their products actually do contain, I feel that they might be a great alternative to conventional cigarettes for some people. Perhaps for people who are highly motivated to quit smoking, and who can quickly wean themselves off regular cigarettes by starting with e-cigarettes that have the highest amount of nicotine and then tapering down until they actually quit, they can be successful. Since conventional cigarettes contain numerous toxins and possible carcinogens, and obviously e-cigarettes do as well, yet in lower amounts, it just might be worth it to use e-cigarettes to stop smoking. However, electronic cigarettes obviously won’t help everyone, since they didn’t help me long-term, but everyone will experience different results, and some people might end up being successful.